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Member Name: Kevin Bauer
Year: 1988
Body: GT
Block: Stock
Rods: Stock
Pistons: Stock
Camshaft: FTI Pure Street grind
Heads: Trick Flow Track Heats
Valves (int/exh): 2.02"/1.60"
Rockers: Crane Gold 1.6
Intake: Trick Flow Street Heat
Throttle Body: 70mm
Mass Air: C&L 73mm
Injectors: 30#
Power Adder: N.O.S.
Transmission: Tremec 3550
Shifter: Hurst
Ring & Pinion: 4.10
Stuts/Shocks (F/R): Koni adj drag/Comp Eng.
Front Control Arms: Stock
Rear Uppers: UPR double adj.
Rear Lowers: Lakewood
Tires Front: Pepboys 165/15
Tires Rear: Hoosier slicks 26x10
Rims: Weld Draglites 15x3.5 & 15x8
Peak Dyno HP: 313
Peak Dyno TQ: 320
Best 60 ft: ?
Best E.T.: 11.41
Best MPH: 119.45

heating the slicks


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