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Member Name: Bill Wittenauer 

Year:   1984

Body:  Hatch


Block: 351 W 406 Cu In

Rods: Eagle

Pistons: J&E

Camshaft: Comp Cams

Heads: TFS High Ports

Valves (int/exh): 2.055/1.625

Rockers: Comp Cams Stainless

Intake: Victor Junior

Throttle Body: Demon 1025 CFM Carb

Mass Air: N/A

Injectors: N/A

Power Adder: Nitrous 


Headers: Pro Mustang 1 7/8 into 3 1/2  

H/X Pipe: N/A

Mufflers: Dynomax 3 Bullets        


Transmission: Powerglide

Shifter: B&M Pro Stick

Ring & Pinion: 9 inch 4.56   


Struts/Shocks (F/R):  Lakewood 90/10  

Front Control Arms:  Tubular 

K-Member: Tubular

Rear Uppers: D&D Double Adjustbles  

Rear Lowers: TRZ  

Tires Front: 165 15 radials  

Tires Rear: 28X10.5 MT ET Drag

Rims: Drag Lites   


Peak Dyno HP: Not enough   

Peak Dyno TQ:  Is it ever  


Best 60 ft: 1.34 

Best E.T.:  6.07

Best MPH:  117


Other Notes:  I only run 1/8th mile in OSCA races.  Hopefully will be in the 5.70s sometime this year in True Street.

hot stuff

OSCA ass waxer

Bill Wittenauer