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Member Name: Paul

Year: 91

Body: Coupe

Block: Probe 408 (Stroked 351W) With steel crankshaft and main girdle

Rods: Probe I-Beam

Pistons: Probe Forged Aluminum

Camshaft: Lunati Custom Grind

Heads: Canfield 58cc

Valves (int/exh): 2.02/1.60

Rockers: Probe 1.7 Shaft-mount

Intake: Probe EFI Spyder

Throttle Body: Holley 75mm

Mass Air: Pro-M Univer

Injectors: Holley 42lb

Power Adder:

Headers: MAC Shorty

H/X Pipe: Pacifica X-Pipe

Mufflers: MAC FlowPath

Transmission: Tremec TKO2

Shifter: Steeda Tri-Ax

Ring & Pinion: FMS 3.55:1

Struts/Shocks (F/R): KYB

Front Control Arms: QA1 Tubular

K-Member: QA1 Tubular

Rear Uppers: MAC

Rear Lowers: MAC

Tires Front: Toyo Proxes FZ4 245/45/17

Tires Rear: Toyo Proxes FZ4 245/45/17

Rims: 94 GT Split Tri-Bars

Peak Dyno HP: ??

Peak Dyno TQ: ??

Best 60 ft: None with new combo

Best E.T.:

Best MPH: -

pauls coupe

P-boy's coupester