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Darth Vulgar
Darth Vulgar
Cincinnati & surrounding areas - est 2002

This is the story of my mustang addiction  by "vinny5oh"

'90 GT
summer 2001

First Love
In June of 1999 while on my way home from work, I had seen a 1990 Mustang GT sitting on a small car lot. It was black with blacked out headlights and tail lights with some American Racing 5 star rims. Although I had grown up on old Chevys with big block power, something about the late model Mustangs drew me in. You didn't have to see the car coming down the street to know it was a Mustang. Since I was looking for a car I thought I would stop in to check it out. Three days later I wrote the check and drove it home.

It wasn't long before the obligatory 4" cowl hood and Weld Draglites ended up on the car. She may not have had all the bite to her yet but the car was so beautiful all cleaned up and sounded great with the Flowmaster mufflers. Soon a cold-air kit went on and I was on my way to some free breathing fun. The drag radials went on soon after as well as the Autometer 5" Monster tach. So now I basicly had the same Mustang that you see on every corner and life was good. Nothing could beat the feeling of rowing thru some gears on a sunny summer day with the sunroof out and the stereo blasting.

fall 2001
fall 2001

I met a guy from Cincy Speed's website that I bought a few parts from including an Edelbrock Performer intake, adjustable fuel pressure regulator and my biggest purchase for the car to date....a Vortech S-trim supercharger pullied for 14 pounds of boost. I upgraded the fuel system to accomodate by adding 42# injectors, an Aeromotive A1000 pump and some braided line running from the freshly sumped tank. It took a bit to get the combination right but that was all sorted out after I made an appointment to Paul's Automotive Engineering and they tuned it with an Autologic chip. At this time the car made 433 HP at the rear wheels.

fall 2001

I was amazed at the reactions the car received! Wherever I went, people were giving a nod or rolling their fingers while screaming "Do a burnout!". Even when I went to the gas station people would walk up to see the car and give a story about a Mustang they or a buddy of theirs had. It was like I bought into a family. Things really got going once I visited Cincy Speed and met the owner Craig Newport. I joined their website and introduced myself on their web forums. It was there that I began to meet other Mustang owners and realize what a great group of people they were.

Vortech S-trim
spring 2002

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